Blockchain Platform for Pharma Supply Chain

We're creating the future of pharma supply chain in Africa to save lives and transform business


Our technology enables companies & governments w/ the ability to track a medicine from manufacturer to consumer on a secure platform.

End-to-End Visibility

Each individual medicine created on our platform can be traced at the package level in real time. This allows for precision recalls & automated medicine verification.

Item-level Traceability

All metadata that is generated, stored, and transfered on our network is verified for authenticity and made immutable.

Data Authenticity



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Full DSCSA Compliance

Item-level traceability

Seamless Integration w/ ERP, IAM, etc. (end-to-end encryption)

Automated product verification

Efficient, concentrated product recalls & saleable returns

Secure, swift data transmission between trading partners


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Real-time cold chain management

Blockchain synchronization

Monitor & manage cold chain exceptions

Track location, temperature, humidity, vibration, etc. 

Data encyrpted during transmission

Manage all devices in one platform


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Near-instantaneous settlements

Automated rebates, discounts, etc.

Private transactions

Automated transaction verification

Low transaction fee

Secure environment w/ access permisions




September 2018

Our MVP is set to launch in September with a fully functioning permissioned blockchain network paired with IoT connectivity. Our IoT sensors will be able to track and trace medicines & manage cold chain.

Case Study

Late 2018 - Early 2019

We plan on partnering with a pharmaceutical company within the next several months to validate the need for our technology and set a standard for verifying pharma supply chains.

Platform Launch

Mid 2019

By mid 2019 we will have launched our platform providing end to end solutions for pharma supply chain management.

1 Million Batches Verified

We intend to have verified over 1 million batches of medicine by late 2019.


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Our platform is scalable, transparent, and secure. We provide solutions for pharma supply chains of various size, shape, and complexity. Whether you're a government administering supply chain regulations or you're a pharma enterprise managing a network of shipments, our platform is setting the standard for the distribution and verification of medicine in Africa. 


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